Yosai with Darin Gordon - Episode 120

(Tobias Macey) #1

Originally published at: https://www.podcastinit.com/yosai-with-darin-gordon-episode-120/

MP3 Audio [49 MB]Ogg Vorbis Audio [30 MB]DownloadShow URL Summary For any program that is used by more than one person you need a way to control identity and permissions. There are myriad solutions to that problem, but most of them are tied to a specific framework. Yosai is a flexible, general purpose framework for…

(Ivan Pejić) #2

A noob one: If one would add admin UI to Yosai would it end up with something like FreeIPA ?

(Tobias Macey) #3

That’s a good question. I suppose it depends on the way that you’re using Yosai. I’ve never used either, but FreeIPA seems to have a much broader scope.