Using Calibre To Keep Your Digital Library In Order with Kovid Goyal - Episode 187

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MP3 Audio [27 MB]Ogg Vorbis Audio [31 MB]DownloadShow URL Summary Digital books are convenient and useful ways to have easy access to large volumes of information. Unfortunately, keeping track of them all can be difficult as you gain more books from different sources. Keeping your reading device synchronized with the material that you want to…

STOP THE PRESSES! There are no legal ebook versions of THE STEERSWOMAN’S ROAD. If Kovid Goyal is telling you (in the program notes) to get the ebook of The Steerswoman’s Road he’s telling you to download a pirated book! LEGAL versions of the Steerswoman Series (The Steerswoman, The Outskirter’s Secret, The Lost Steersman, The Language of Power) are available, and very reasonably priced. But The Steerswoman’s Road (combined edition of the first two books in the series) was never released as an ebook. ALL EBOOK VERSIONS OF THE STEERSWOMAN’S ROAD ARE PIRATED VERSIONS. For ebooks of The Steerswoman series, please purchase the individual books from reputable sources.

It’s possible that Kovid meant to say “The Steerswoman Series.” If so, please change the program notes to reflect that.

All the ebooks of the Steerswoman Series are DRM-FREE, by the way. While that does make them easier to pirate, I dislike DRM on principle, and won’t use it.