Scikit-Image with Stefan van der Walt and Juan Nunez-Iglesias - Episode 105

(Tobias Macey) #1

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MP3 Audio [27 MB]Ogg Vorbis Audio [31 MB]DownloadShow URL Summary Computer vision is a complex field that spans industries with varying needs and implementations. Scikit-Image is a library that provides tools and techniques for people working in the sciences to process the visual data that is critical to their research. This week Stefan Van der…


Stefan sure was pushy… I saw in my feed that the episode was updated, so I am guessing you fixed the timing issue. It was a nice episode otherwise. I had always wondered what the prefix “scikit” meant.

(Tobias Macey) #3

Yes, I had noticed that the audio wasn’t quite lining up properly so I fixed that and re-uploaded it to address the mistake. Thank you for the feedback!