Morepath with Martijn Faassen - Episode 91

(Tobias Macey) #1

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MP3 Audio [88 MB]Ogg Vorbis Audio [51 MB]DownloadShow URL Summary Python has a wide and growing variety of web frameworks to choose from, but if you want one with super powers then you need Morepath. This week Martijn Faassen shares the story of how Morepath was created, how it differentiates itself from the other available…

(Ralph Loizzo) #2

Is it just me , or are the 2 audio tracks out of sync?


I have the same problem, conversation is out of sync

(Tobias Macey) #4

@pyguy @friartech Thank you for bringing this up. I fixed the editing error and have re-uploaded it. If you either listen to it on the web player or delete and re-download it in your podcatcher then you will get the fixed version. Sorry for the error and thank you for listening!