with Ned Batchelder - Episode 121

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MP3 Audio [70 MB]Ogg Vorbis Audio [40 MB]DownloadShow URL Summary We write tests to make sure that our code is correct, but how do you make sure the tests are correct? This week Ned Batchelder explains how fills that need, how he became the maintainer, and how it works under the hood. Preface Hello…


Great conversation this episdoe. I was a little surprised that you didn’t mention (that I noticed) that Ned was a returning guest. Also, I think he is somewhat of a colleague since you also work either for EdX or something connected to it?

(Tobias Macey) #3

That’s a good point, I should have mentioned that he was on the show before, and yes, we do collaborate because he works at edX and I work at MIT where one of my primary responsibilities is to run edX for students on campus. Thanks for listening and providing feedback!